April 1st, 2016 CrossFit WOD - Strongpoint CrossFit

6695 Colray Court, Unit 303, Jacksonville, FL 32258

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April 1st, 2016 CrossFit WOD

April 1st, 2016 CrossFit WOD

Strongpoint CrossFit – CrossFit


Please pick up a jump rope before class.

Two rounds:

200m run

75 single unders

25 double unders

Four rounds:

3 Deadlift

3 Hang Power Clean

3 Front Squat

3 Shoulder Press

Mobility: smash party, super front rack


Cluster (15×1 EMOM)

Squat Clean into Push Press from floor


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

In 12 minutes, complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:

1 Deadlift (255/205)

1 Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Shoulder to Overhead

Accessory Work

Power Snatch (EMOM x 10 @ 80%)

Strict & Kipping HSPU (Max effort)

Complete one max set strict and then continue with as many kipping as possible

L-Sit Pull-ups (3 x max)

Legless Rope Climb (6 climbs EMOM)

Cash Out

Metcon (Time)

5K Bear Crawl

Extra Credit

2k Row (Time)

Max Effort 2k Row

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