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Athlete Spotlight: Kristen Lewis

Athlete Spotlight: Kristen Lewis

I first heard about CrossFit from a couple of friends. They seemed to love it and talked about the WODs and how much they lifted. I was intrigued because they said it was the best workout they had ever had and they really enjoyed it. I looked into what CrossFit was exactly and was very intimidated. I thought to myself, I have to get into shape before I could even think about going to CrossFit. I thought I would look ridiculous if I couldn’t keep up or got sick during a workout. These thoughts kept me away for a little while because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to do the workouts. Then one day I woke up and said, “What the heck?” I am going to just go and see what it is all about. I decided to go on a Saturday morning for a community WOD. The community WOD was a partner workout. I came with my boyfriend and we ended up getting separated to make the teams equal. This made me extra nervous because I was working out with people I didn’t know. I still went with it, just hoping it would all work out. We started with flipping tires and ended with air squats. All I have to say is, I never thought I could flip a tire, running with a kettle bell is super difficult, AbMat sit-ups are no joke, and I almost passed out during air squats. That one day made be sore for a week! I may have been sore for that week, but I couldn’t wait to try again. I knew I was hooked because I am always up for a good challenge and that’s what CrossFit turned into for me. That day was tough and I hurt for a week, but I felt so awesome and accomplished after and I knew CrossFit was for me. Over the past 5 months, CrossFit has changed my body and honestly my outlook on fitness. I wake up in the morning more energized and ready to conquer the day! In the future I hope to continue to improve my health and fitness one WOD at a time. CrossFit is now a part of who I am and not just what I do. So, I am excited to face the challenges it may bring in the future.

1. What is your favorite exercise or WOD?

My favorite types of WODs are Tabata workouts. I really like them because I feel like I am in competition with myself to make sure I get the same reps every time. I also love power cleans. Not really sure why. I just really enjoy that lift!

2. What is your least favorite exercise or WOD?

I am not a huge fan of overhead squats. I’m not very good at this lift so that’s probably why it’s my least favorite. Running is not my friend either, but as I get in better shape I think I have improved.

3. What motivates you to show up day after day?

What motivates me to show up is the intimidation factor of CrossFit. On my way to CrossFit, I am always a little anxious about the workout because I know it isn’t going to be easy. I like that it is challenging and that I am wiped out after every WOD. Also, and this may sound strange, but I really like being sore. I love the feeling when it’s a little tough to roll out of bed. I know I got a good workout what I am sore the next day.

4. What negative thoughts hold you back from being your best?

Sometimes I feel like I might look dumb or uncoordinated when I am doing a WOD or lift. I definitely do not want to make a fool of myself and sometimes if I think something is going to be too hard, I am going to mess up and look dumb. I have overcome that a lot though, but still struggle with it sometimes.

5. What has been your most memorable moment at Strongpoint CrossFit?

I have 2 memorable moments at Strongpoint. The first is when I jumped up on the box without doing a “bunny hop.” I think it took me double the time to do the box jumps, but I was able to face my fear of the box! The second moment is when I did my first pull-up. The friends that encouraged me to try CrossFit were at Strongpoint visiting and that day we were doing weighted pull-up for the skill. I was determined to get my first pull-up that day. I ripped my hands pretty good in the process, but I got one!

6. What has been your least favorite moment at Strongpoint CrossFit?

My least favorite moment was probably when I tried to climb the rope for the first time (and only time so far). I was super frustrated and felt defeated because every time I would get an inch up I would slip 2 inches down. Let’s just say rope climb is on the board of goals!

7. What is your favorite quote from Strongpoint CrossFit?

“Deceptive, always deceptive.”

“Just two more reps…… can do two more of anything!”

8. What do you want to accomplish with your training in the next year?

Over the next year, I want to become better at all aspects of CrossFit. I would love to continue to improve my overall health and stamina. I firmly believe that CrossFit combined with the great people I have met at Strongpoint have helped me to really get into becoming healthy on the inside and out. I want to hopefully move toward doing the workouts Rx. I would love to climb that dang rope too! I really enjoy the lifting aspect of the workouts and hope to improve my lifts as well. I am sure in a year I will still be a little afraid each day I am on my way to a workout, but that is what keeps me coming back. Each time I come I never know exactly what to expect, but I do know that I will leave tired as heck, but glad I came and ready for the next WOD!

Coach’s Comments: Kristen joined us in the late spring at the very last community WOD that we held at Strongpoint.  She showed up right at the start time so I did not have much time to talk to her prior to the WOD.  I was a little concerned because she indicated that she was not really exercising much and it was a pretty tough partner workout that day.  Yet, she persevered through it and ran through fundamentals the next week.  She trained diligently throughout the summer and has improved significantly in virtually every aspect of CrossFit – namely strength, stamina, and mobility.  Kristen is also implementing dietary recommendations on her own and doing very well in the Whole Life Challenge.  She has a fantastic attitude, is very coachable, and she makes time to train despite a very demanding full-time schedule as an Emergency Room nurse and pursuing her Master’s degree.  Kristen is a standout performer and was an easy choice as our October Spotlight Athlete!

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