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This is a document written by Tim Thackery of CrossFit High Voltage.

I’ve put together what I’m calling ‘The 7 Stages of the Whole Life Challenge’. This has come from talking to so many of you about the benefits of accountability and participation…be sure to tell me in comments what stage you’re at! My mom – she’s finally reached stage 5! Boom.

1-    Denial: I don’t need a Challenge, I’m fine. (me: Sure you are…)

2-    Pain & Guilt: I’m too (insert yours here: busy, tired, perfect) already to take this on. I can’t do a Challenge in (February) – I’ve only got  a week to be ready for it… there is no way I will be ready in a week!

3-    Anger & Bargaining: That’s not how I already do things! Maybe I’ll watch others do the Challenge, and see if they get any results with all this ‘regular and moderate exercise, improved nutrition, stretching, and fish oils’ sensible approach.

4-    Depression: ‘Everyone else is going to rock the challenge, but not me…there’s NO WAY I can do 8 weeks of this. Ok, I’ll register, but I doubt I’ll do well. Everyone else is perfect…everyone but me.

5-    The Upward Turn: Wait, this is actually pretty cool…everyone else seems pretty stoked about the Challenge too…they’re even looking forward to it…what would my life look like if I really took advantage of this awesome opportunity? (me: your life would be even more awesome, of course!)

6-    Reconstruction: You’re DOING the Challenge (starting with the Prelims on Saturday, February 16th at Strongpoint) AND…you’re actually living the goals and life that others ENVY. Your friends & family want to register and get in on the awesomeness (and they actually can!).

7-    Acceptance & Hope: You have internalized the process that we’ve designed to help you live your healthiest life ever. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re perfect. This doesn’t mean you earned a perfect score but are miserable. This means you try hard, cut yourself some slack, and know a ton more about how your body operates, avoid the pitfalls that usually diminish your long term results and kick you off track, and saw some amazing results from the 8 weeks. By now you’ve no doubt inspired others in your to try to live healthier…now they’re not at stage 7…they’re maybe at 2 or 3…and that’s OK – you were there just a few weeks ago, remember?

1. What is your favorite movement or WOD?

Kelly: Caveman Days and Tabatas

Jim: Any WOD where I finish ahead of the 17 year old girl.  Seriously though, I feel especially grateful to be able to show up for Hero WOD’s.  It’s a pittance of thanks I can offer to those HERO’s who have passed.

2. What is your least favorite WOD?

Kelly: Any involving high reps of kettlebell snatches. They tend to attack me.

Jim: Overhead squats. The worst feeling is looking around and seeing EVERYBODY, except me, being able to do the movement.

3. What motivates you to show up and perform day-after-day?

Kelly: It’s fun! I love the challenge and variety of movements.  Also, as my kids grow up and I get older, I look forward to traveling and experiencing new adventures. I will enjoy that all much more if I am fit and healthy.  Plus, I have to keep up with Jim!

Jim: There are many reasons, but here are two.  One: I get to have a daily date with my beautiful, intelligent, athletic wife. Two: CrossFit keeps me healthy.  Prior to joining Strongpoint, I was getting daily debilitating headaches.  The doctors performed CAT scans and MRI’s and concluded that I had degenerative disc disease in my upper neck (from a previous broken neck injury) which was causing the headaches.  I noticed after my first WOD (Friday), that I didn’t have a headache.  The following days (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) my headache came and stayed; however, I did another WOD on Monday night and the headache disappeared.  I thought it was a fluke, but as the days/weeks went on, my headaches became less severe and less often.  After 5 months of CrossFit, my headaches have dropped to approximately one every two weeks (I’ve actually had headaches most of my life and previously averaged 3/week).  I should also note that exercising wasn’t new to me, I’ve been a member of big box gyms for 20+ years (averaged 3x per week for the entire 20 years).  I know that CrossFit doesn’t have a magic formula for headaches, but that doesn’t matter to me…I rarely have headaches now!

4. What negative thoughts hold you back from being your best?

Kelly: To be really honest, I was used to being one of the strongest women in the gyms I lifted weights in, usually YMCA-type places. I guess my view was narrow because since I started CrossFit, I see so many women (and certain 17 year old girls…ahem) who are much stronger than I am. Sometimes that discourages me, but I try to stay positive and try harder. Stay Calm and WOD On!

Jim: Joint pain (elbows, shoulders, knees).  And yes, it is thought.   General George Patton said it best, “If you are going to win any battle, you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do… the body is never tired if the mind is not tired.” 

5. What has been your most memorable moment at Strongpoint CrossFit?

Kelly: I don’t know the exact moment, but when I realized I was completing the running portions of the WODs without having to walk or stop.

Jim: Doing an overhead squat with weight (an embarrassing small amount of weight).  As weird as it sounds, that was one of the best adrenaline rushes I’ve ever had.

6. What has been your least favorite moment at Strongpoint CrossFit?

Kelly: Anytime I give up. Even if I finish a WOD, if I know I’ve gone too light or not pushed myself, I feel like it was a hollow victory.

Jim: After doing 100 AbMat sit ups for the first time, stepping in the shower thinking that a swarm of wasps followed me in to “wash” my backside.

7. What is your favorite quote from Strongpoint CrossFit?

Kelly: It’s a tie between “I was tired of looking like a busted can of biscuits” and something about “If something’s important to you, you’ll find a way to do it; otherwise, you’ll find an excuse.”

Jim: “You all right?”  “Are you all right Jim?”  “Jim, are you okay?”  “Jim, how do you feel?” “Are you sure you’re okay?”  …regular comments from RM during the first three weeks.

8. What do you want to accomplish with your training in the next year?

Kelly: Run FASTER!!!

Jim: Rx (men’s Rx!) on all WOD’s.  And finish ahead of the 17 year old girl on everything….or at least something.

Coach’s Comments: I clearly remember both Kelly’s and Jim’s first day in the gym.  Kelly came in for something mild like 3 rounds of 800m run, rope climb, and 50 push ups.  She showed up with some girl named Laura and they both claimed that they really didn’t like to run…  Jim’s first day was a hero WOD with a lot of clean and jerks, which fortunately is one of the easier movements to learn in the 15 minutes before a WOD.  They both became members of the gym and have grown to be a cornerstone of the community by participating in challenges, lending a helping hand, and making new members feel welcome. They both performed at the top of the group during the fall Whole Life Challenge. Kelly had the top compliance score at the end of the Challenge and Jim finished second in the overall standings.  They have been an absolute pleasure to coach and it has been fun and rewarding to see them progress in their fitness during the past 7-8 months.  It is an honor to name them as the co-spotlight athletes in this Valentine’s Day special!



I was an avid runner for years.  But, after suffering an injury that required a couple of surgeries, my doctor told me I should never run again and that I should find another source of exercise.  That was pretty depressing!  My brother told me I should look up CrossFit.  It looked intimidating, but when I saw a coupon on Living Social for a one-month trial membership to Strongpoint CrossFit, I decided to give it a shot.  After one workout, I knew I’d be around for a lot longer than a month.  Since joining Strongpoint, I have seen and felt a major improvement in my strength and endurance.  I have also lost 8 pounds and a few inches here and there.  Thank you to Coach Ryan and the Strongpoint community for welcoming, motivating and challenging me every day to be the best I can be.

1.  What is your favorite WOD? I love anything burpee! Burpee deadlifts, burpee box jumps, etc. Close second- legs- squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

2.  What is your least favorite WOD? My least favorite exercises are cleaning windows and putting laundry away.

3. What motivates you to show up and perform day-after-day? Hmmm… my committee (Me, Myself and I) runs on a dictator platform and they won’t let me slack off. Seeing the difference in my strength, endurance and how my clothes fit are major motivators as well.

4. What negative thoughts hold you back from being your best?  I wouldn’t say I have negative thoughts that hold me back; I would say it’s the aches and pains that hold me back.

5. What has been your most memorable moment at Strongpoint CrossFit?   Completing the “Filthy Fifty” WOD just a few days before my 50th birthday is my most memorable moment.

6. What has been your least favorite moment at Strongpoint CrossFit? The least favorite moments were the first few workouts where I struggled to do pull ups using the green bands.

7. What is your favorite quote from Strongpoint CrossFit? I’m not sure what my favorite quote is.  After the workouts, I am lucky I remember my name.

8.What do you want to accomplish with your training in the next year? I want to continue getting stronger so I can do legit pull ups, a muscle up and survive the Tough Mudder in May.

Coach’s Comments: Maria joined us during the summer of 2012 having purchased her original membership via the Living Social promotion that we ran in May.  She initially told me that she was a trainer and sometimes training a trainer can be a little challenging due to the differences between the CrossFit method and more traditional training methods.  However, Maria came into it with an open mind and proved to be very coachable!  She has since become a mainstay and “motivator” during our 10:30 am classes.  Maria was one of the top performers during the Whole Life Challenge and got great results because she was compliant with program recommendations.  Her strength numbers have consistently gone up, her technique continues to improve, and despite cutting back on running; she won her age division in the Subaru Distance Classic 6K and placed second in her division at the Festival of Lights 5K. She has since referred in two of her children, Carli and Chris, and they are following right in her footsteps.  Maria has high ambitions for competing in the CrossFit Open and eventually in the Southeast Regional. We are excited about continuing to work with her to achieve those goals!


I started at Strongpoint CrossFit because I was being hassled by my one of my coworkers to try it. I was hooked from day one. I don’t think there is any other type of work out that would compare. Its not another gym membership, its a community. That’s one of the biggest reasons that keeps me going day after day. It’s a fun place to suffer with others of the same mind set. I’m about to go on a six month deployment, and I hope to keep up with the WODs while I’m in Japan. I plan to keep CrossFit a part of my life for a long time!

1. What is your favorite exercise or WOD? My favorite WOD would be any of the HERO ones. They seem near impossible to complete but I wont give up until I finish or the time runs out. The people they’re named after didn’t so why should I.

2. What is your least favorite exercise or WOD? I absolutely despise double unders!

3. What motivates you to show up day after day? The satisfaction of accomplishing a hard workout and beating Mike C.

4. What negative thoughts hold you back from being your best? Food!!

5. What has been your most memorable moment at Strongpoint CrossFit? Meeting My beautiful girlfriend first and foremost. Also its when I or someone else is hitting a difficult PR. We all tend to do a good job of cheering one another on.

6. What has been your least favorite moment at Strongpoint CrossFit? DOUBLE UNDERS!

7. What is your favorite quote from Strongpoint CrossFit? This sucks, I think I’m going to puke!

8. What do you want to accomplish with your training in the next year?  Keep the WODs going while I’m on Deployment. I am planning to go for my level one certification when I get back.

Coach’s Comments: Jeff appeared early on a Saturday in March and immediately immersed himself into the program.  He routinely attends 4-5 days a week and is easily one of the most consistent members of the gym.  We have seen him steadily grow in strength and skill since that day as a result of his effort and can-do spirit.  Jeff is very coachable and engaged in gym events.  We can always rely on him to lend a helping hand.  He is quick to introduce himself to and help out all newcomers to the gym whether it is with a specific movement, translating alphabet soup from the coaches, or just helping someone find their way around.  We are sorry to see Jeff leave the area soon for deployment and are proud to name as our November 2012 spotlight athlete! 

I first heard about CrossFit from a couple of friends. They seemed to love it and talked about the WODs and how much they lifted. I was intrigued because they said it was the best workout they had ever had and they really enjoyed it. I looked into what CrossFit was exactly and was very intimidated. I thought to myself, I have to get into shape before I could even think about going to CrossFit. I thought I would look ridiculous if I couldn’t keep up or got sick during a workout. These thoughts kept me away for a little while because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to do the workouts. Then one day I woke up and said, “What the heck?” I am going to just go and see what it is all about. I decided to go on a Saturday morning for a community WOD. The community WOD was a partner workout. I came with my boyfriend and we ended up getting separated to make the teams equal. This made me extra nervous because I was working out with people I didn’t know. I still went with it, just hoping it would all work out. We started with flipping tires and ended with air squats. All I have to say is, I never thought I could flip a tire, running with a kettle bell is super difficult, AbMat sit-ups are no joke, and I almost passed out during air squats. That one day made be sore for a week! I may have been sore for that week, but I couldn’t wait to try again. I knew I was hooked because I am always up for a good challenge and that’s what CrossFit turned into for me. That day was tough and I hurt for a week, but I felt so awesome and accomplished after and I knew CrossFit was for me. Over the past 5 months, CrossFit has changed my body and honestly my outlook on fitness. I wake up in the morning more energized and ready to conquer the day! In the future I hope to continue to improve my health and fitness one WOD at a time. CrossFit is now a part of who I am and not just what I do. So, I am excited to face the challenges it may bring in the future.

1. What is your favorite exercise or WOD?

My favorite types of WODs are Tabata workouts. I really like them because I feel like I am in competition with myself to make sure I get the same reps every time. I also love power cleans. Not really sure why. I just really enjoy that lift!

2. What is your least favorite exercise or WOD?

I am not a huge fan of overhead squats. I’m not very good at this lift so that’s probably why it’s my least favorite. Running is not my friend either, but as I get in better shape I think I have improved.

3. What motivates you to show up day after day?

What motivates me to show up is the intimidation factor of CrossFit. On my way to CrossFit, I am always a little anxious about the workout because I know it isn’t going to be easy. I like that it is challenging and that I am wiped out after every WOD. Also, and this may sound strange, but I really like being sore. I love the feeling when it’s a little tough to roll out of bed. I know I got a good workout what I am sore the next day.

4. What negative thoughts hold you back from being your best?

Sometimes I feel like I might look dumb or uncoordinated when I am doing a WOD or lift. I definitely do not want to make a fool of myself and sometimes if I think something is going to be too hard, I am going to mess up and look dumb. I have overcome that a lot though, but still struggle with it sometimes.

5. What has been your most memorable moment at Strongpoint CrossFit?

I have 2 memorable moments at Strongpoint. The first is when I jumped up on the box without doing a “bunny hop.” I think it took me double the time to do the box jumps, but I was able to face my fear of the box! The second moment is when I did my first pull-up. The friends that encouraged me to try CrossFit were at Strongpoint visiting and that day we were doing weighted pull-up for the skill. I was determined to get my first pull-up that day. I ripped my hands pretty good in the process, but I got one!

6. What has been your least favorite moment at Strongpoint CrossFit?

My least favorite moment was probably when I tried to climb the rope for the first time (and only time so far). I was super frustrated and felt defeated because every time I would get an inch up I would slip 2 inches down. Let’s just say rope climb is on the board of goals!

7. What is your favorite quote from Strongpoint CrossFit?

“Deceptive, always deceptive.”

“Just two more reps…… can do two more of anything!”

8. What do you want to accomplish with your training in the next year?

Over the next year, I want to become better at all aspects of CrossFit. I would love to continue to improve my overall health and stamina. I firmly believe that CrossFit combined with the great people I have met at Strongpoint have helped me to really get into becoming healthy on the inside and out. I want to hopefully move toward doing the workouts Rx. I would love to climb that dang rope too! I really enjoy the lifting aspect of the workouts and hope to improve my lifts as well. I am sure in a year I will still be a little afraid each day I am on my way to a workout, but that is what keeps me coming back. Each time I come I never know exactly what to expect, but I do know that I will leave tired as heck, but glad I came and ready for the next WOD!

Coach’s Comments: Kristen joined us in the late spring at the very last community WOD that we held at Strongpoint.  She showed up right at the start time so I did not have much time to talk to her prior to the WOD.  I was a little concerned because she indicated that she was not really exercising much and it was a pretty tough partner workout that day.  Yet, she persevered through it and ran through fundamentals the next week.  She trained diligently throughout the summer and has improved significantly in virtually every aspect of CrossFit – namely strength, stamina, and mobility.  Kristen is also implementing dietary recommendations on her own and doing very well in the Whole Life Challenge.  She has a fantastic attitude, is very coachable, and she makes time to train despite a very demanding full-time schedule as an Emergency Room nurse and pursuing her Master’s degree.  Kristen is a standout performer and was an easy choice as our October Spotlight Athlete!

I have belonged to many gyms in the Jacksonville area and never could quite find one I wanted to stick with.  In the summer of 2011, I had started doing boot camp classes and loved the intensity, but still did not stick with it.  I was surfing the web one day for boot camp style workouts and CrossFit popped up.  I started researching it and asked a co-worker if he had heard of it.  He hadn’t, but was very interested.  He checked out Hardnox and has been hooked ever since.  He would come in week after week talking about the WOD’s and I was interested but still not quite sure; it seemed really hard and intense, but that is exactly what I was looking for.  I have always liked the “leave it all at the gym” type of workouts.  So I went to to see where there were gyms in my area.  I saw Strongpoint on the affiliate finder map and decided to stop by at lunch.  I initially drove through the parking lot and didn’t stop.  I was a little intimidated. I got out to Greenland and Phillips and said “what are you doing?  You at least need to see what they have to say.”  So I went back.  I walked in and Ryan was teaching and participating in a WOD with Brian and Jesse.  When he finished, he came over and explained the whole concept.  I told him I would be back that Saturday for the community WOD.  I almost didn’t go to that WOD, but somehow mustered up the willpower and showed up.  That was the best thing I ever did.

My experience with CrossFit so far is the best thing I could have ever done.  I have never added any strength training to my workouts and knew that I desperately needed it.  CrossFit has shown me that you don’t need to spend an hour straight on the treadmill or stair climber.  I love how it incorporates both strength and cardio into each WOD.  My son (Stephen) started working out with me in the Spring and has done amazing!  I wish I would have had an unlimited membership to CrossFit when I was 16, I would be a much different person now.

I am totally addicted to CrossFit and would like to eventually compete in some CrossFit competitions in the Masters divisions.  Yes, I am approaching that age….

1. What is your favorite exercise or WOD?  Favorite exercise is anything with Kettlebells.  Favorite WOD, probably caveman day, but I absolutely love anything that leaves me gasping for breath (GFD) and drenched in sweat (DIS).

2. What is your least favorite exercise or WOD? I don’t have a least favorite WOD, I love them all.  Least favorite exercise is running.  I am horrible at it, but working on getting better.  I am going to run the 5K in October so I better do something so I am not puking at the finish!

3. What motivates you to show up day after day? I actually love to workout, especially in the morning before I go to work.  It puts me in a better mood.  When I don’t work out in the mornings, I have co-workers ask me if I missed my workout that morning.  They can actually see the difference in my mood.

4. What negative thoughts hold you back from being your best?  I really don’t have negative thoughts; I am pretty much always a positive person.  What holds me back is my eating.  I give in too easily to stress and will eat whatever is at hand; chocolate, ice cream, junk…

5. What has been your most memorable moment at Strongpoint CrossFit? I have 2 memorable moments, 1. The first time I did a box jump on the 20″box.  Jimmy had no doubt and brought me over to the box and said “just do one; you’ve got it in you”.  The 2nd is when I climbed the rope for the first time.  I seriously had tears in my eyes; I really thought it would be a very long time before I got up the rope.  That day, I was half way up and a brief thought of giving up came through my head, but something told me to try to get one more, and then WOW, I was at the top before I realized it.  One thing I learned from my rope climb is how much of a mental game is involved in accomplishing something.  When I was at the top of the rope, my mind would not let me let go and touch the beam.  I was completely at the top, but there was no way I was letting go with one hand to touch the beam…

6. What has been your least favorite moment at Strongpoint CrossFit ?  I don’t think I have a least favorite moment, but I do hate it when I miss a WOD, especially if it is my job that gets in the way.

7. What is your favorite quote from Strongpoint CrossFit?  ”That WOD sucked! What time tomorrow?”

8. What do you want to accomplish with your training in the next year?   I would like to get as close as possible to doing the WODS Rx.  It will take some time, but I am seeing improvements every week, both in the WODs and with my body.  I am hoping to get control of my nutrition and not let stress have control over me.

Patti has been with us at Strongpoint since very early after the gym initially opened last September.  She has been one of the most consistent and dedicated members of the gym since October of last year and has since recruited her son, Stephen (a.k.a. Ninja), into the fold.  She routinely puts every ounce of effort she has into the workouts and was one of the first to commit to the Whole Life Challenge.  Plus she climbed the rope for the first time in August and has been setting new PRs like crazy lately!  We are very proud to name Patti as our Spotlight Athlete for September.


CrossFit blends together the best movements and protocols from a variety of different systems.  We take everything that works and chuck away the rest.  We specialize at not specializing.  We do not make the best weightlifter, power lifter, runner, or any other individual competitor.  We make better athletes.  We make better athletes out of everyone from baseball players to grandmas and from stay-at-home Moms to executives.  This transfers over into any other athletic pursuit, improved confidence, and better self-esteem.  We develop each athlete in each of the ten physical skills – cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Frankly, we make people better at whatever they do or aspire to do.

CrossFit develops athletes in each of the three metabolic pathways – phosphagen, glycolytic, and oxidative.  We develop work capacity in each pathway from the short range (10 seconds or less), middle (out to about 2 minutes), to longer (out past two minutes).  We do not just want capacity in one; we want capacity in all three!

CrossFit is executed in a group environment with a “Coach” leading the session.  We firmly believe that this gets our athletes the best results.  It’s easy to cut a workout short, drop the weight, or skip the gym altogether without the extra measure of accountability that a team and a coach provide.  Your peers and coaches notice when you are not there.  We notice when you are sandbagging.  That extra measure of accountability ensures that everyone performs every session.  Similarly, a coach mentors, instructs, and maintains the standards.  Our coaches lead by example and are wholly committed to helping each member of the box achieve their highest level of fitness possible.

Finally, CrossFit is competitive in nature.  We “keep score” every workout.  Times, rounds, reps, and loads are all meticulously tracked and written on the white board ensuring the appropriate amount of transparency and consistency.  Napoleon Bonaparte said that men will risk their lives for a little piece of colored ribbon.  Similarly, athletes will push themselves harder if their score goes on the board.  This provides an extra measure of transparency and accountability that you typically will not find in other programs.  We encourage each athlete to track their workouts and personal records (PRs), which ties into the most important competition in the gym; the competition with yourself!

This is a goal-oriented community.  We encourage every member to write their goals on board on the main floor in order to make them public.  There are few feelings better checking them off one-by-one.  Simply put, everyone wants to be better today than they were yesterday and everyone loves to achieve their goals.  CrossFit provides the structure and organization to help each athlete achieve their very best not just in the gym, but in life.


A lot of people ask me, “What makes CrossFit different?”  At the risk of sounding cliché, just about everything!  It comes back to the definition of CrossFit: “Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, executed at a High Intensity.”  CVFMHI defines what we do at our box.  Constantly varied refers to the different modalities and time domains of the CrossFit prescription.  We run, row, jump rope, swing kettlebells, lift, do calisthenics, and throw medicine balls.  We put it together into dynamic and challenging protocols designed to challenge the fittest people in the world, but fully scalable and modifiable to challenge anyone and everyone else.  The functional piece refers to the notion that whatever we do has a purpose in nature.  Everyone has to move their bodies and move objects external to their bodies.  To quote the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, “the needs of the Olympic Weightlifter and a grandmother differ by degree, not kind.”  And finally, the high intensity piece is what people are most familiar with.  CrossFit is designed to be high intensity.  It is designed to challenge you!  You have to be fully engaged and committed in order to succeed here.  The program is too hard otherwise.  The look-good-naked-cardio-junkie may show up sometimes, but they do not last…

Rest assured that you will be required to continually learn and develop new skills.  You could spend the rest of your life perfecting technique, building strength, and increasing work capacity and still not have it all perfect.  One of the great things about that is that if you get bored in one area, it is very easy to tailor training to another.  Focus hard on developing running mechanics for three or six months, run a race, and move on to something else.  Start picking up more skill with Olympic lifts, kettlebells, or gymnastics.  Get stronger and more efficient at rowing.  The list goes on and can never truly be completed.  It’s a journey that is sure to lead to the stretching of limits and self-discovery, but never perfection.  However, the pursuit of perfection will eventually yield excellence!

We go heavy.  Your typical boot camp or cardio class may keep you moving for an hour, but the instructors and staff more than likely lack the equipment and expertise to properly train free weight lifts and certainly Olympic lifts safely.  This fits in to our overall model of fitness.  We don’t just want you to be strong for your weight, fast, be able to jump high, go short, or go long.  We want it all and deliver the program to get you there!

We do not specifically target toning, weight loss, sports performance, or any “squishy” measures of effectiveness.  We target improved work capacity across broad time and modal domains.  Toning, improved body composition, and improved sports performance are merely byproducts of improved work capacity.  So how do we measure it?  That’s simple.  We measure 1) what you moved and 2) how long it took you to do it.

Why CrossFit?  Simply stated, CrossFit is the most challenging and effective strength and conditioning program on the face of the earth.  Don’t believe me?  Try it yourself and see how to turn ordinary into extraordinary and get the results that you have always wanted from a fitness program!

Just eat lean meats, vegetables, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.  Easy right?  Here are some definitions and videos to help you get off to the right start in the jungle that is nutritional advice.

Paleo-Zone: this refers to the quality and quantity of food. Paleo indicates that the food is grain, dairy, and legume free. Zone indicates that it is weighed and measure in zone proportions. Learn more about Paleo and Zone.

Zone: indicates that the food has been weighed and measured into Zone proportions appropriate for your individual block requirements. Calculate you block requirements here

“Eyeball” Zone: check the video located here

Paleo free-eating: Paleo foods without measuring quantities

The following links are a great place to start to understand a little more about CrossFit nutrition.

Zone Quick Start with Dr. Barry Sears. It’s easier than you think!

The Zone and Weight Loss

Nicole Carroll: CrossFit Nutrition I

Nicole Carroll: CrossFit Nutrition II (Explicit Language!)

Paleo in a Nutshell Vol I

Paleo in a Nutshell Vol II

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