January 2014 Bring-a-Friend Days - Strongpoint CrossFit

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January 2014 Bring-a-Friend Days

January 2014 Bring-a-Friend Days

We will do two consecutive days of FREE Bring-a-Friend classes during all group sessions on January 8th & 9th. This will give your friend a chance to experience what it is like to take a group class. Here’s how it’s going to work:

Say you know someone who wants to get in the best shape of their life this year.  Perhaps it’s a New Year Resolution…  If he or she is interested in trying out a class at Strongpoint, you may bring them with you to any class on either day. During the class, you will be responsible to help out your friend with the movements and guide them along during the mobility, strength or skill work, and a CrossFit conditioning workout. The workout will be tough as usual… just with the possibility of some less-complex movements that your friends can learn over the course of an hour class. So we won’t be doing any Olympic lifts, double unders, or muscle ups on those days!

The workouts will be designed so that you will still get in a great workout whether or not you bring a friend with you. So don’t be shy to come along and have some fun with some first-timers even if you don’t have anyone to bring!

Keep in mind that we still do a free one-on-one introduction with anyone that wants to try out CrossFit or our facility for the first time. Our regular classes on other days, however, are reserved for our members. Just have them schedule an intro with Ryan at 904.654.3383 if they cannot make any classes on either day and we will be glad to set them up with an intro.

So if you want to bring a friend, don’t delay. RSVP on Facebook and tag your friend in a post. You can bring up to 2 friends with you per class, but if you come both Wednesday and Thursday, you can bring 2 people each day.

This is going to be awesome!!

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