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Strongpoint CrossFit Summer Challenge Series

Strongpoint CrossFit Summer Challenge Series

The “Strongpoint CrossFit Summer Challenge” is a series of 4-week fitness and nutrition challenges designed to kick start your health and fitness.  Our staff will reach more deeply into your life to help you recognize how your daily decisions affect your health.

The challenge will include three instructor-led group training sessions per week, nutritional counseling, lifestyle coaching, and daily accountability checks.  Training sessions will consist of functional movements and equipment like calisthenics, kettlebells, medicine balls, box jumps, running, rowing, and jumping rope delivered in a constantly varied manner.  Nutritional advice will center on the CrossFit prescription of lean meats, vegetables, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.  Finally, lifestyle coaching will attempt to shape your decisions outside of the gym on things like dining out, water consumption, sleep, and stress.

Besides starting you on a path to better fitness, there will be a competitive portion that will award points daily for nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle decisions.  Individuals will be measured at the beginning and end of the challenge to determine individual improvement in four areas: 1) Program Compliance, 2) Body Composition Change, 3) Fitness Improvement, and 4) Overall Performance.

Top performers in each category will be awarded prizes at the end of the challenge that will include discounts on membership, pro-shop items, and gift certificates to local businesses.

Registrants who are paid two weeks in advance will receive the “Strongpoint Home Workout Guide,” a two-week plan to help them arrive at the challenge physically prepared to for the sessions.

One 4-week challenge per month: June, July & August

August Series: Kickoff August 3rd, 8:00 am, Classes Run 5-31 August

Pick 3 of 6 training sessions per week:
Monday                     9 am
Tuesday                   6 pm
Wednesday             9 am
Thursday                  6 pm
Friday                        9 am
Saturday                   9 or 10 am

Fee: Early Registration – $99 before July 27th, Regular Registration – $150 per person per four week session

Contact: Ryan Miller @ 904-654-3383 or [email protected]


Q: Do you have childcare available?
A: We do not have supervised childcare.  We are putting together a kid’s room with a TV, a Wii, some games and places to sit and hangout while Mom and/or Dad get their workout on.

Q: Is this program appropriate for beginners?
A: Yes.  It is specially designed for people with no experience in CrossFit or people that are returning to CrossFit after a layoff.  It will, however, be carried out in a manner that will still provide a challenge to individuals that are coming in with a solid pre-existing fitness base.  The classes will primarily be comprised of our basic movements – lots of body weight calisthenics, basic kettlebells, running, and some basic plyometrics.  This means that it will be relatively simple to learn, but the workouts will not be easy at all!

Q: Can I do part of my classes one month and then part the next?
A: No and Yes.  You cannot compete for prizes in the challenge portion unless you are in for a month straight.  We are going to run baseline body composition and fitness testing at the kickoffs and then retest the last day of the challenge.  Those will be the only opportunities to get in and complete the game.  It would not be fair to the rest of the challengers to give some people an extra month to improve their results.

Q: Do I have to do the Challenge portion or can I just show up and work out?
A: Yes, but this Challenge is designed to get you the best possible results in a relatively short period of time.  We have found that working out alone gets a certain amount of progress, adding better nutrition gets even more, but that the very best results come from our competitions inside the gym.  The competition portion really provides an extra layer of accountability and compliance that people tend not to be as strict about on their own.

Q: Do I have to come at the same time every week?
A: No.  The program is designed to be flexible and offer day, evening, and weekend options to fit busy schedules.  We are offering six sessions per week and you may choose any three of the six each week.

Q: Those times do not fit into my schedule.  Are there other times I can come?
A: We have other classes available, but that is a separate program and price structure.  Please contact Ryan at 904-654-3383 if you would like to check out our regular CrossFit program with a free introduction to CrossFit.

Q: If I get the promotion on Living Social, can I just come to the regular CrossFit classes?
A: No.  This promotion does not cover regular membership to the gym or any of the regularly scheduled classes.  Please contact Ryan at 904-654-3383 if you would like to check out our regular CrossFit program with a free introduction to CrossFit.

Q: Can I buy one session (i.e. June) and switch to another later?
A: It depends on availability.  Our goal is to provide personalized attention to each participant and the sessions are split up according to the availability of manpower each month.

Q: Can I register for more than one month via Living Social?
A: Yes, but it may get a little redundant.   The programs will be the same from month-to-month.  Your best bet would be to try it for a month via the promotion and then transition to the regular CrossFit program after that first month if you like the lifestyle and decide it is for you.

Q: I’m all registered.  How do I get my Home Workout Guide?
A: Email Ryan at [email protected] and ask for it.

Q: Do I have to be at the kickoff or is there a makeup?
A: There will be no makeup for the kickoffs.  You really only have to be there if you want to participate in the Challenge portion.   You are welcome to just come in and workout 3 times a week for the month, but the kickoff will  cover Challenge rules, explain scoring, introduction to CrossFit, nutrition brief, and we will complete the preliminary workout that day.  We will also complete medical screening and administration with each participant.  It is a full morning of activities designed to set you up for success and is in addition to the 12 sessions that you purchased.  That will be the only “live performance” so to speak as it would not be practical to meet with each participant individually to pass the same information over and over again.  All that said, it would absolutely benefit you to be at the kickoff at 8:00 am on June 1st for the June session, June 29th for the July session, and August 3rd for the August session to ensure that you get the most from this experience.

Q: How do I follow along and engage with the community during the Challenge?
A: Like our Summer Challenge Facebook Page:

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