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As the “Whole Life Challenge Worldwide” approaches, we’re all getting excited and amped up for this incredible event. Everyone’s getting their fish oil ready, buying a foam roller and lacrosse balls for your mobility, and clearing out all the junk from your fridge and replacing it with “WLC” approved food. Life is great, until you run into this problem…”How do I stay Paleo while I’m on the road?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  As a matter of fact, everyone has been in that situation. To keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle while having fun with friends, we have come up with some tips and a list of our favorite places that while not 100% “Paleo ” will get you fairly close.


  • Stick with “Paleo” ingredients: Meats, vegetables, nuts and fruit.
  • Prep as much food for the week as you can over the weekend.  Crock Pots, grilling, and baking a tray of meat or fish are great ways to stay ahead.
  • For the road trips, camping in the wilderness and similar activities, pack the Paleo Kits and coconut water.  If those are not available, regular pre-packed beef jerky will do, but is not the most ideal.
  • It’s a good idea to keep a Paleo Kit in the car or office to avoid the temptation to grab some fast food if you find yourself pinched for time.  We just stocked up at the gym in preparation for the WLC and there are plenty in stock.
  • Keep some lunch meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts around for a quick snack anytime.
  • Natural peanut and almond butters are also great options.  Mix them with some fruit or vegetables for a WLC-friendly snack or dessert.
  • Certain Lara bars are WLC-approved (focus on fruit bars like apple & cherry cobbler, none with chocolate).  You can also make these at home and they are awesome!  They are great for keeping your sweet tooth satisfied without cheating!
  • If you’re at a restaurant, order any entree with meat being the center of the dish, and if possible (most likely) tell the kitchen to replace the usual side like mashed potatoes, rice or fries with steamed vegetables…and skip the complimentary bread…I know it’s very tempting
  • Alcohol is out of the question, especially beer.  If you’ve gotta have one, stick to clear liquor and don’t go over 1-2 drinks.  Skip the chasers and mixers too.
  • Steer clear of fast food restaurants, their foods (even the meat) typically has some sugar, soy, or other non-WLC compliant ingredient/s!

Our list of favorite “Paleo” friendly diners:

  • Ted’s Montana Grill
  • Longhorn Steakhouse
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Chipotle
  • Flame Broiler
  • M Shack
  • Newks
  • The Loop
*Obviously not all dishes from these locations are WLC-friendly.  Be sure to ask what they use as a marinade/seasoning to make sure that it is free of sugar, soy, etc.

There you go guys.  As long as you stick to the tips above, you should have no problem staying within 90% of Paleo. Entree salads with some lean meat are generally a good choice.  Just be cautious about the marinade of the meat and the dressing.  Ask your server what is in the marinade, cure, or sauce and then ask them to use WLC-approved seasonings (olive oil, butter, salt, pepper, and various other spices are WLC approved).  Most restaurants will comply if you order your meat and vegetables a specific way.  Remember, these do not replace a proper home cooked meal, so don’t take this for granted.  However, these will help you out when you’re out with friends or in a pinch and can’t cook for yourself.

Disclaimer: For the WLC…you will have to know exactly what is in EVERYTHING you are eating….yes, you’ll have to ask all those questions at restaurants to figure out if the food is WLC approved or not.  However; outside of those 8 weeks, the tips and restaurants above can help you stay around 90% WLC compliant at all times.

Good luck and we will see you at Whole Life Challenge Spring Throwdown Prelims on Saturday!

Just eat lean meats, vegetables, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.  Easy right?  Here are some definitions and videos to help you get off to the right start in the jungle that is nutritional advice.

Paleo-Zone: this refers to the quality and quantity of food. Paleo indicates that the food is grain, dairy, and legume free. Zone indicates that it is weighed and measure in zone proportions. Learn more about Paleo and Zone.

Zone: indicates that the food has been weighed and measured into Zone proportions appropriate for your individual block requirements. Calculate you block requirements here

“Eyeball” Zone: check the video located here

Paleo free-eating: Paleo foods without measuring quantities

The following links are a great place to start to understand a little more about CrossFit nutrition.

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