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CrossFit blends together the best movements and protocols from a variety of different systems.  We take everything that works and chuck away the rest.  We specialize at not specializing.  We do not make the best weightlifter, power lifter, runner, or any other individual competitor.  We make better athletes.  We make better athletes out of everyone from baseball players to grandmas and from stay-at-home Moms to executives.  This transfers over into any other athletic pursuit, improved confidence, and better self-esteem.  We develop each athlete in each of the ten physical skills – cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Frankly, we make people better at whatever they do or aspire to do.

CrossFit develops athletes in each of the three metabolic pathways – phosphagen, glycolytic, and oxidative.  We develop work capacity in each pathway from the short range (10 seconds or less), middle (out to about 2 minutes), to longer (out past two minutes).  We do not just want capacity in one; we want capacity in all three!

CrossFit is executed in a group environment with a “Coach” leading the session.  We firmly believe that this gets our athletes the best results.  It’s easy to cut a workout short, drop the weight, or skip the gym altogether without the extra measure of accountability that a team and a coach provide.  Your peers and coaches notice when you are not there.  We notice when you are sandbagging.  That extra measure of accountability ensures that everyone performs every session.  Similarly, a coach mentors, instructs, and maintains the standards.  Our coaches lead by example and are wholly committed to helping each member of the box achieve their highest level of fitness possible.

Finally, CrossFit is competitive in nature.  We “keep score” every workout.  Times, rounds, reps, and loads are all meticulously tracked and written on the white board ensuring the appropriate amount of transparency and consistency.  Napoleon Bonaparte said that men will risk their lives for a little piece of colored ribbon.  Similarly, athletes will push themselves harder if their score goes on the board.  This provides an extra measure of transparency and accountability that you typically will not find in other programs.  We encourage each athlete to track their workouts and personal records (PRs), which ties into the most important competition in the gym; the competition with yourself!

This is a goal-oriented community.  We encourage every member to write their goals on board on the main floor in order to make them public.  There are few feelings better checking them off one-by-one.  Simply put, everyone wants to be better today than they were yesterday and everyone loves to achieve their goals.  CrossFit provides the structure and organization to help each athlete achieve their very best not just in the gym, but in life.