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CrossFit Kids

Strongpoint Kids

What Will My Child Gain From Doing CrossFit Kids?

Strongpoint Kids makes fitness and health fun, setting the stage for a lifelong love of movement.

Your child will gain physical strength and mental awareness. In addition, you will also see your child learning new skills, making better food choices, being more focused in school, transitions to new sports easier, and has a reduced risk of sport-related injury.
Strongpoint Kids is a medium through which you will see your children become the best version of themselves possible. The tool we use is physical fitness, but our philosophy is that training CrossFit increases quality of life, both inside and outside the gym.  Children learn to become leaders and successful human beings.



Strongpoint Kids currently offers children’s programs for three age groups:
Grades K‐2nd Pre‐kids
Grades 3rd‐5th Kids
Grades 6th‐12th Teen

*Strongpoint Kids will officially launch in June.  See our class schedule for times.


Strongpoint Kids also offers private lessons for children ages 3 – 17. For schedule and pricing, email [email protected]


Strongpoint Kids is available to host a variety of events, including birthday parties, PE classes from local schools, summer camps and specialized training for sports teams. To find out how we can help your children be even more successful at their sport or have the best birthday they will ever remember, email us at [email protected]

Our Commitment:
We will build your child’s self-esteem.
We will provide a safe and positive learning environment.
We promote the importance of health and fitness for a life time.
We will bring out the inner champion in your child!

Our program includes:
Weekly Classes
“Skills of the session”
Progress journaling
Nutrition Education
Special Events

Strongpoint Kids is designed for EVERY child to have fun with movement.  As you watch your child grow in ability and confidence, you will also see them learn that hard work results in success.


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What Does Strongpoint CrossFit Kids Teach?

Strongpoint Kids uses a combination of skill practice, workouts and games to build strength and conditioning in children. Our classes include elements of gymnastics, weight lifting, body weight movements, running, jumping, and more.

Specifically, Strongpoint Kids teaches the 10 General Physical Skills. These skills are the base for any sport or discipline your child may pursue.

You will see your child have an increased ability to learn and succeed in other sports once they have a base in CrossFit.

The 10 General Physical Skills
Cardiovascular Endurance – Can you get enough oxygen to your body?
Stamina – Can you get enough energy to your muscles?
Strength – How much can you lift?
Flexibility – Can you move your body through full ranges of motion?
Power – How much work can you do?
Speed – How fast can you go?
Coordination – Can you pat your head and rub your stomach?
Accuracy – Can you hit a designated target?
Agility – How quickly can you change direction?
Balance – Can you stand on one foot? With your eyes shut?

20 minute class

We teach not only basic physical skills, but also social skills and confidence. Children learn foundation movements like the squat, pushups, pressing movements, core work, climbing, jumping, and elementary gymnastic movements.  The coaching staff will emphasize one skill each month to focus on and refine movement.  More importantly, you will see your child learn to follow directions, listen, communicate, and play with others. Every class includes game play and positive reinforcement. Your child’s confidence, both physically and mentally, will grow with each class.

30 minute class

The skills they learn are more detailed and may involve light weights. Light weight will be used only when movement is perfected at the discretion of the coach.  Exercises will include plyometrics, gymnastics, weight lifting basics, running, rowing, and stretching.  Classes continue to include game play and positive reinforcement, as well as discussions on what was learned in each class.  We also include focus on leadership skills. As children progress through the program, they will be asked to model movements, lead exercises, and demonstrate an ability to verbally explain exercises.

50 minute class

Our teen program takes training to the next level. Students will continue to learn the basic physical skills, including strength, gymnastics movements, cardiovascular conditioning, agility, coordination, and balance training. In addition they will take a more in-depth exploration of the movements that constitute CrossFit.

Weight training will transition from dumbbells to barbells, with the emphasis still on using the least amount of weight possible to provoke a growth response in the body. Proper form will be priority number one!  Perfect movement is rewarded with the opportunity to learn increasingly difficult skills!

Workouts will be of high intensity than the younger kids classes and the vocabulary used in class will be on par with that of the Adult Beginner classes. There will be a strong emphasis on teamwork, communication and leadership skills, knowing that our Teens are just a few short steps from being grown-ups out in the “real” world.

Strongpoint Teens is appropriate for kids who have been in our programs before and also for kids with no CrossFit experience. CrossFit Kids, as with the adults, is scalable for all fitness and skill levels.