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CrossFit Spotlight Athlete: Donald Floresca

CrossFit Spotlight Athlete: Donald Floresca

CrossFit Spotlight Athlete: Donald Floresca

I’ve worked out at a Globo Gym for almost 15 years.  I knew I was decently strong (my powerlifting total was already 1200 lbs), but not necessarily functionally strong or fit.

I first thought about giving CrossFit a try when a couple of friends showed me what it did for them:  increased lean muscle mass, stamina, endurance, & agility.  Honestly, I had initially only wanted to look better & be in better cardiovascular shape.  But at the same time I also feared I would get smaller & weaker from all of the possible weight loss.

What I found during the first weeks of starting CrossFit was that I was plenty strong enough for most of the various lifts but I had zero endurance:  I could not complete a 400 m run without stopping to walk.  I had also never done any Olympic lifting.  But as the weeks progressed, both my cardio & Olympic lifting technique steadily improved.   I eventually became addicted to lifting & pushing myself past my limits of physical & mental exhaustion.  The workouts & friendly competition also made it extremely fun.  And I looked forward to waking up every morning to take on the strength/skill work & WODs.

Today, I am still pushing up at least the same weight as I was before starting.  But more importantly, I know for a fact that I am in the best shape of my life.  I’ve also changed to a more CrossFit-like diet higher in meats & veggies with the occasional peanut / almond butter snack.  And I found great & welcoming community of people; and coaches who are willing to help me achieve my goals.  I wish I had started Crossfitting years sooner as I have become very committed to the lifestyle & am very happy with the results.

For the future, I hope to continue to improve upon my endurance, Olympic lifts, & other exercises.   I am looking forward to my first competition at Rep Your Box 2 in June & hope to be able to participate in more of them.

1.  What is your favorite WOD? Anything with oly lifts, muscle-ups, and/or double-unders

2.    What is your least favorite WODAnything with a possible height disadvantage:  wall balls, box jumps, rope climb, running.

3.    What motivates you to show up and perform day-after-day?  The desire to get better, faster, stronger.  Seeing my MetCon numbers get faster with each passing month.  Successfully lifting the heaviest weights I’ve ever tried.  Knowing I’m fitter than the guy who first walked into Strongpoint a year ago this July.  The fun WODs.  Our great community of people.

4.    What negative thoughts hold you back from being your best? Reluctance to get out of my comfort zone.  The constant fear of wrist / shoulder injury since oly lifts are new to me.  The feeling that I may be too old to get any stronger or faster.

5.    What has been your most memorable moment at Strongpoint CrossFit?  Participating with everyone in the Open..especially preparing for 13.3 when from out of nowhere, I linked multiple MUs for the first time.  I could really feel a heightened team atmosphere during those 5 weeks.

6.    What has been your least favorite moment at Strongpoint CrossFit? A tie between my “12-minute Karen” from Open WOD 13.3 & doing 100 sit-ups before I knew to use AbMats.

7.    What is your favorite quote from Strongpoint CrossFit?  “Keep your balls out!  I’ll take care of them!” ~RM, in regards to medicine balls for proceeding classes

8.    What do you want to accomplish with your training in the next year? Better numbers:  sub-10 Karen, sub 3 Grace & Fran, 200# snatch, 300# C&J, 400# FS, 500# DL

Coaches’ Comments: Donald has become a mainstay in the 10:30 am class.  He began his CrossFit journey coming 3-4 days every other week due to a hectic work schedule and it’s pretty common to see him at the box five days a week anymore.  Donald came in with a great strength base, but has made massive improvements in his metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and lifting technique, and mobility.  He is very coachable and his work ethic and dedication are starting to put him toward the top of the leaderboard from workout to workout.  Additionally, he regularly helps out new members and seems to get along with everyone!  “Donflo” is a pleasure to coach and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the coming year.


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