December Spotlight Athlete: Caitlin Hoover - Strongpoint CrossFit

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December Spotlight Athlete: Caitlin Hoover

December Spotlight Athlete: Caitlin Hoover

I started CrossFit at Strongpoint in March 2013. I had moved to Jacksonville just a few weeks earlier and was looking for a fun way to stay in shape and meet people in the area. I actually assumed I was in fairly decent shape but was bored with running and going to the gym sporadically. It was love at first sight! I fell in love with the high energy, motivational, and challenging atmosphere that CrossFit offers. The coaches were so encouraging and never made me feel stupid for asking questions (or for not paying attention, Mike). I figured out pretty quickly that I was not in as good of shape as I thought I was…

Crossfit allows me to burn off stress after a long day at work as well as makes me feel more confident about my body and capabilities. I love competing with myself and pushing myself to beat other scores on the board. There are some pretty amazing people at Strongpoint that always keep a smile on my face throughout the WOD. And a smile is so much better than the alternative of vomiting. Without a doubt, I am in the best shape of my life, which will keep me coming back day after day.

1. What is your favorite exercise or WOD? TABATA!!! Especially with slam ball.

2. What is your least favorite exercise or WOD? Any WOD with wall balls. They are torture for someone so vertically challenged.

3. What motivates you to show up day after day? My husband really motivates me to show up. When I am thinking about skipping the day he always pushes me to go and is interested in all the details of how I did on the WOD.

4. What negative thoughts hold you back from being your best? I used to be negative by thinking that I would NEVER be able to do certain lifts or movements. However, the more I overcome the less negative thoughts I have. With each new accomplishment my optimism and confidence grows.

5. What has been your most memorable moment at Strongpoint CrossFit? The day I did my first Rx WOD with pull ups. I was the last to finish but I sure was proud. And sore.

6. What has been your least favorite moment at Strongpoint CrossFit? I had to quit Fran after just a few reps because of shoulder pain. There is nothing I hate more than quitting.

7. What’s one thing that no one at the gym knows about you? I am terrified of birds.

8. What is your favorite quote from Strongpoint CrossFit? “UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP! UP!”- LD.

9. What do you want to accomplish with your training in the next year? So many things! My main goaI is to be able to do all WODs Rx. Of course this means being able to master things like handstand push ups, double unders and muscle ups. I would also really like to participate in a competition.

Coach’s Comments: Caitlin has quickly developed into one of the more dedicated members of the gym.  She initially came to us with a relatively solid fitness baseline from her career in the Navy, but we have seen her overall strength and ability grow by leaps and bounds since joining in the late winter of this year!  She is knocking out more and more workouts as prescribed with competitive scores and is quickly closing in on a 200# squat.  After all, she’s got to be strong to fend off those darn birds….  Additionally, Caitlin always has a positive attitude and seems to go out of her way to make new members feel welcome.  It is for these reasons that we are proud to present Caitlin “Lil Hoov” Hoover as our Spotlight Athlete for December!  

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