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Getting Started

STEP 1: Free Trial Fundamentals Classes

Getting1Once you have decided that you want to get into the best shape of your life, it’s time to get started with a complimentary introduction to the program. The intro is conducted in a one-on-one environment with a certified coach. We thoroughly review your fitness background, discuss your goals, and make sure that the program is going to be a good fit for you. Then we conduct a short training period to show you some basic movements and put you through your first CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day). We conduct intro sessions by appointment only and are generally available for at various times throughout the week as early as 7:00 am and as late as 6:30 pm. Contact Ryan at 904-654-3383 to get started

STEP 2: Group Classes

Getting2During group classes, you’ll push yourself and sweat it out with like-minded individuals as you compete with yourself (and others, if you choose) for rounds, time, points, glory, satisfaction and personal growth. You will reach new physical and emotional levels you didn’t think were possible and you will undoubtedly find yourself with a new social and support network that will help you along on your continued path to greater health and happiness.

Our coaches will always be present at each class. This ensures you will continue to receive personalized coaching as your technical abilities improve.

STEP 3: Specialty Classes and/or Individual Programming

Getting3We offer a wide variety of specialty classes ranging from strength and power development to increasing endurance and improving mobility. Individual programming is available to help members achieve more specific goals as well. Our members compete and play a wide variety of sports including (obviously) CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, road and adventure races, triathlons, martial arts, and recreational team sports.


Getting4We offer a variety of flexible membership options at rates that are very competitive with other CrossFit gyms in the area. Our membership programs start at $109/month with monthly rates being determined by the number of days a week you would like to train and the length of time you commit. We are not concerned with being the cheapest CrossFit gym in town; we are concerned with being the best! The Introduction to Strongpoint CrossFit is complimentary and we can provide you an accurate quote once we have a little better idea of what your goals are, how soon you want to get there, and how much time you have to let us guide you along your path.

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