March 4th, 2016 CrossFit WOD - Strongpoint CrossFit

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March 4th, 2016 CrossFit WOD

March 4th, 2016 CrossFit WOD

Strongpoint CrossFit – CrossFit


Three minutes cardio

Three rounds:

10 Pass Throughs

10 Overhead Squats

5 Broad Jumps

Mobility: Smash Party, Bando Overhead

Maximum Effort

Hang Snatch (Below Knee) (1 rep EMOM x 15 minutes)

Start each rep with a deadlift and then lower the bar below the knee.

Accessory Work

Snatch High Pull + Power Snatch (7×1)

EOMOM with Drop Snatch

Drop Snatch (7×1)


GHD Situps (1×50)


Metcon (Time)

Three rounds for time:

400m run

20 Pull Ups

10 Power Snatch (115/75)

Cash Out

Banded Crunches (1 x 50 center, 50 each side)

Note band size.

Extra Credit

Metcon (Calories)

10 rounds Assault Bike

30 seconds hard

30 seconds easy

Open Competitors

1. 15-20 minute row @ easy pace

2. Mobilize Ankles, Hips, Shoulders, T-Spine. Work specific front rack mobility if this is an issue for you.

3. Consider replacing snatch work programmed for tomorrow with clean work. Follow same protocol and work up to 80-90%.

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