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May Spotlight Athlete: Enza Lobusta

May Spotlight Athlete: Enza Lobusta

1.    What made you decide to start CrossFit?  Though I never played sports, I’ve always been an active person.  I tried many different exercise programs, but I was hitting a mental and physical plateau.  I just didn’t feel challenged or motivated and the typical gym experience was getting pretty boring.  About a year ago, I was at a gym close to my work during my lunch break.  I saw some guys doing some crazy stuff outside, jumping and throwing things, sweating like a fat man in cake shop and gasping like a fish out water.  I was intrigued, so I asked what they were doing.  They told me it was “CrossFit.”  “What’s CrossFit?”  Wanting to learn more, I found the underground community of fellow Beeliners that were already members at Strongpoint.  Every time they talked about it, there was so much passion and excitement in their eyes.  “Enza, you should come check it out.”  So I did, and I was hooked.  It was exactly what I had been looking for.  I started in July 2013, only going once week. Clearly that was not enough for me, so starting in January of this year; I upgraded to unlimited, attending 5-6 classes a week.

2.    What results have you seen or goals have you achieved?  Before CrossFit, my goals were always based on appearance.  Like most women, I had struggled with my self-image for years.  I was constantly on a “diet”, would feel guilty about everything I ate, worked out at a standard gym incessantly (although inefficiently), and I was never happy.  CrossFit changed my mentality when it came to my fitness goals.  Now instead of focusing on bodyweight, I’m focus on what my body can do and how much weight it can move.  So far, I’ve hit nearly half of my weightlifting goals for the year, and the funny part is, I feel better in my own skin than I ever have before…as an aftereffect, not a goal.  I look at food as fuel, and am finally okay with this body not doing “skinny”.  “Fit” looks better on me anyway. J

 3.    What do you like best about the gym?  Hands down, the people.  It’s an atmosphere where I can be myself and work my hardest, encouraged by others with a similar mindset.

 4.    What is your favorite exercise or WOD?  Believe it or not, I love me some burpees and handstand pushups!  I also like pulls ups and cleans and any WOD I can do Rx.

 5.    What is your least favorite exercise or WOD?  THRUSTERS!  And wall balls, although they are slowly growing on me.  Can’t forget snatches too.  Need to work on technique.

 6.    What motivates you to show up day after day?  Knowing I’m stronger, faster, better than I was yesterday.  If I’ve had a bad day, I know I will leave Strongpoint feeling awesome, encouraged, and inspired.  And of course getting to see my buddies and possibly hitting a new PR.  But above all, seeing how my commitment to CrossFit inspires my 2 little girls to be strong and to believe in themselves…that, to me, is priceless.

 7.    What negative thoughts hold you back from being your best?  Outside of Strongpoint, negative thoughts are everywhere.  But when I’m at the box, those thoughts are gone.  I will do my best, and that’s all that matters.  There’s no “No way can I do that.”  It’s “Let me try, and if I can’t today, I can’t wait to be able to do that one day.”

 8.    What has been your most memorable moment at Strongpoint CrossFit?  So far, the most memorable moment for me was the finalist round (surprise WOD #5) during the Festivus Games just a few weeks ago.  It was my first competition, and I never imagined myself getting to the final round, much less being the only athlete representing Strongpoint.  The pressure was on, I was exhausted and nervous, and I hadn’t prepared a strategy for doing 30 back squats, 30 deadlifts, and 30 thrusters at 65 lbs. with a ton of people watching me.  The one and only Laura Davie coached me right before it started, and after the back squats and deadlifts were done, thrusters almost got the best of me.  The crowd was cheering, and just when I thought I had given up completely, I heard LD’s voice carrying over the chaos and saw the faces of my friends believing in me.  I couldn’t give up.  I kept focus, pushed through the pain, pushed through the exhaustion, the doubt, the fear…I was in a mental zone I had never been in before.  When it was over, I cried.  Yes, I cried.  Because I did it.  I didn’t place, I didn’t win.  But that day, I sure as hell was a winner.

 9.    What has been your least favorite moment at Strongpoint CrossFit?  Probably when I fell from the pull up rig mid-kip.  That hurt…really, really bad…

 10. What’s one thing that no one at the gym knows about you?  I’m an open book, so there’s not much people don’t know about me.  I guess one thing that typically catches people off guard is when I tell them I crochet.  Yes…I crochet.  Like a BAMF.

11. What is your favorite quote from Strongpoint CrossFit?  None of them are appropriate enough to publish…

12. What do you want to accomplish with your training in the next year?  I want to continue to push myself and try new things.  I want to focus on all my weaknesses and technique issues and increase my cardiovascular endurance.  Eventually, I want to be able to do all WODs Rx and compete in that division in a competition at some point next year.

 13. What advice would you give to someone who just started out?  Check your pride at the door.  Focus on you.  Encourage others.  Don’t give up.

 14. What advice would give to someone who was on the fence about starting?  I would tell them to let go of any preconceptions about CrossFit and allow themselves to make up their own mind about it.  Who knows…it might be exactly what they were searching for.

Coach’s Comments: Enza came into the gym as a reasonably fit individual, but had not previously been exposed to many of the barbell movements or some of the more “exotic” things we do in CrossFit like rope climbs, ring work, and handstand pushups.  Her strategy seemed simple enough – listen to the coaches and work her butt off!  Oddly enough, that strategy has worked out pretty well for her and the staff has seen marked improvements in all facets of Enza’s fitness.  Her confidence and ability continued to grow throughout the spring as she successfully completed the Gate River Run, CrossFit Open, and finished 5th in her first-ever CrossFit competition.  She can regularly be seen around the gym encouraging the other members and working on more advanced skills.  Additionally, and probably most importantly, she also brought jazz hand burpees to Strongpoint CrossFit.  Enza has been an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to seeing her continue to progress in the future!   

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