Mids/Teens WOD 6/25 - Strongpoint CrossFit

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Mids/Teens WOD 6/25

Mids/Teens WOD 6/25

Strongpoint CrossFit – CrossFit Teens

Warm Up and Mobility

Warm Up:

300m Row

10 Step Ups (keep for metcon)

200m Run

20 second Handstand Hold (can be done on box)


Lizard (both sides)

Puppy Dog


Box Jump (Max Height) (Distance)

Gradually add height to a box until you can no longer jump on top.
12 mins to establish max

record in INCHES if needed

Handstand Push-ups

5 mins to practice and set up for metcon.

Practice hold against wall, if needed start on box (knees first, working to toes on box)

Don’t worry about max, just practice.


Metcon (Time)


200m Row

10 Box Jumps


Cash Out

3 mins of Plank

(add a plate for a challenge!)

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