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October Co-Spotlight Athletes: Stephen Hunter and Steven Fuata

October Co-Spotlight Athletes: Stephen Hunter and Steven Fuata

Steven Fuata: So my buddy Stephen Hunter had mentioned sometime around August or September of 2012 that we should try CrossFit. I was your typical narrow minded, “back and bi’s” , “Chest and Tri’s” kinda guy and thought that CrossFit was crazy and pointless without even giving it a thought. About 6 months or so went by and I came across a YouTube clip of some random guy doing a team WOD and it just looked like a lot of fun. Painfully fun of course. I had been looking for a way to add some intensity to our workout and this definitely seemed to fit the bill. I brought it up to Hunter and of course he slammed me telling me that he brought that up before and I turned my nose up etc. So after we established that he was right, we started learning how to do some of the CrossFit workouts and movements via YouTube. It went well until we started working towards some of the more complex movements and getting to heavier weights that were NOT made to be dropped from overhead….  Needless to say, injuries were coming our way, and in fact did happen while I was attempting and overhead squat. Nothing major, but it was enough to get me to put aside my “I can do anything” mentality and seek out some instruction. So Hunter found two boxes near work. I stopped by the first one and it was a nice gym and everyone seemed pretty cool. Then I drove across the street to Strongpoint and I meet Laura Davie. Let me tell you about first impressions!! She had me so jacked and ready to workout in the first 5 minutes of talking to her that I was sold when I found out she was a trainer there. I hung out for about 20 minutes and watched the WOD and called Hunter when I left. I believe we had our initial class the next day and we both signed up at the end of the class. BEST DECISION EVER!!!

1.  What is your favorite WOD? All of them…

2.  What is your least favorite WOD? All of them… It is a love hate kind of relationship.. Love to hate them..

3. What motivates you to show up and perform day-after-day? The fact that I am getting stronger and in better shape every day. Not to mention the support that I have at home with my wife and kids. They are so happy that I have taken control of my health. Stephen Hunter for sure. He has been my work out partner since September 2012 when we started this journey.

4.What negative thoughts hold you back from being your best? Nothing. I don’t have any negative thoughts towards anything at CrossFit or anything that has to do hitting my goals. Each WOD is difficult and there are some skills that I am not as efficient as I would like to be, but I am constantly moving towards being the best that I can at everything.

5.What has been your most memorable moment at Strongpoint CrossFit? Haha.. Every single day is a memorable day. I learn something new every day that I can apply immediately and see immediate results. It makes me Happy Happy Happy.

6. What has been your least favorite moment at Strongpoint CrossFit? There was 1 WOD that I was not able to finish because I hurt my shoulder. I actually can’t remember the workout, but I remember being so pissed off when I was driving home that I wasn’t able to finish the WOD that I completely forgot that my shoulder was killing me until I tried to move my arm. That can probably work as my most memorable moment as well. That was the moment that I realized that CrossFit was most definitely my kind of workout.

7. What is your favorite quote from Strongpoint CrossFit? “PICK UP THE F*&^KING BAR HUNTER!!!!” *unknown speaker* Hahahaa. That one or, “Thumb up the butt and you’re good”.. hahaa.. still makes me laugh.

8. What do you want to accomplish with your training in the next year? My goal is to hit a goal weight of 225 or 13 to 15% body fat. I have made HUGE strides since I have started at Strongpoint and I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring.

Stephen Hunter: As a kid, I swam, played baseball and football. I joined the USAF as a Security Specialist (Cop/Security/Infantry) after high school and stayed very active. After I got out of the military, I tried to stay active, but until I started working with my brother doing construction I couldn’t get back into shape. That lasted for several years and then I started following one of my passions, technology (computer and web development). So now let’s go back to September 2012. I am sitting next to Steven “Fuata” at Beeline (we were both Project Leads in the Project Office) and I said to him, “We need to go workout”. That is how it all started. Fuata told me a few months after that day; “You know, my wife has been trying for 2 years to get me to go join a gym and start working out. TWO YEARS! And here you ask me once and I say okay like it isn’t nothing.” We laughed pretty good over that one. By the way, Fuata’s sister is my best friend and I just love their entire family. So, Fuata and I have been working out almost everyday (Mon – Sat) since Sept 2012. I went from 212lbs to where I am now at 172 lbs. I stay between 170 and 175 lbs. I eat 80% of the time really healthy and the rest of the time I cheat. My cheats are breads and dairy. I love it when people see me at work that haven’t seen me in a while and are shocked at how I look. They always say, “How did you do it?” Like there is a secret about weight loss LOL. It is super simple, take in less calories than you burn in a day. Of course you want to ensure you have enough calories to keep yourself healthy in your daily activities (work, working out and such). I simply tell them to eat real food. Eat 80% or more of the good stuff and if you have to cheat, keep it to a minimum.  So how did Fuata and I find Strongpoint? In steps, it started with Golden Boy Parker, my other buddy. Parker lives around the corner from me and is such a great friend. He started working at Beeline and kept telling us about CrossFit. Fuata and I were doing another style workout on our own over at the YMCA. Parker kept at us and BOY do I know why he did. I do the same darn thing now to others LOL. Fuata and I decided to start doing CrossFit WOD’s over at the YMCA so we wouldn’t fall on the floor after the warmup. We were mainly focusing on lifting weights and only doing small amounts of cardio two times a week, so NOTHING like a CrossFit WOD. The rest is history, we followed Parker over to Strongpoint and I know when I speak for Fuata when I say that we have enjoyed the experience, the gym, the coaches, ALL OF YOU and yes even Mr. Ryan Miller. SQUIRRELS!!!

Thank you to Ryan and all the coaches at Strongpoint. I have come very far in a short period of time that I have been doing CrossFit and I owe that to you guys/gals.

Keep me REAL
Keep me HONEST
Keep me MOVING

1.  What is your favorite WOD? I love the ladies, so I will choose TWO: Grace and Elizabeth

2.  What is your least favorite WOD? Fuata and I started doing CrossFit WOD’s at the YMCA to get ready before we joined Strongpoint. We attempted Murph one morning and it took Fuata and I over an hour to finish it.

3. What motivates you to show up and perform day-after-day? Feeling the way I do and looking the way I do. I let myself get lost in lazy days and eating crap. I woke up and won’t ever go back to that lifestyle. I love and enjoy my life today. I will say that having someone that is a great friend (Fuata) to motivate me on those days that I am feeling drained, helps a lot. We so get each other pumped up for the day’s WOD while at work. We are known as “those guys that do CrossFit” or the “CrossFitters”.

4. What negative thoughts hold you back from being your best? I do not want to get hurt and miss out on what I enjoy doing (being fit), so I at times finding myself scaling back on certain workouts. I think I still have to find my breaking point on some movements. You know, where you are just on the edge, but still balanced.

5.What has been your most memorable moment at Strongpoint CrossFit? I would say my first competition and how it made me feel overall. I would say that getting my first Ring Muscle Up is a very close second.

6. What has been your least favorite moment at Strongpoint CrossFit?  When the gymnastic class got cancelled. I had looked forward to it for two weeks and was stoked. I totally understand that life happens and I just hope that it is offered again soon.

7. What is your favorite quote from Strongpoint CrossFit? “PICK THE BAR UP <insert name>!” <- Laura, haha

8. What do you want to accomplish with your training in the next year? I want to go get a Level 1 Cert after I can complete any lift/movement RX. I want to lose the little fat I have left. I want to build muscle and become soooo much stronger (I know, more PROTEIN and that is the plan). I want to be able to have the energy and strength to CRUSH 80% of the WOD’s RX. I want to get more people involved in bettering their lives with Fitness.

Coach’s comments: CrossFit isn’t for everybody.  Some people try it and don’t really like it.  Others try it and it piques their interest for a period before losing interest and moving onto something else.  Some love it and immediately realize this is exactly what they have been looking for in a fitness program.  Hunter and Fuata, as they are affectionately known by their community, definitely fall into the “This is what I have been looking for” camp!  It was immediately apparent that they were into it.  While I don’t remember exactly what their first workout was, I distinctly do remember thinking, “These guys are perfect.”  They followed up with me after their first class and asked what the next step was and after a  trial month, asked for the longest membership term possible.  They were in!  They have since become an integral part of the community encouraging other members, participating in gym functions, and referring in friends and family members.  Plus they are definitely the hottest “Bromance” in the gym right now!  The coaches have seen their strength, skill, and confidence grow and watched their waistlines shrink!  Fuata and Hunter have been an absolute pleasure to coach and we are excited to continue helping them on their paths to elite fitness in the coming year!

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