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Spotlight Athlete: Adam Wilson

Spotlight Athlete: Adam Wilson

I learned about Crossfit from one of my buddies who lived out in California.  He was into it and was even contemplating opening up a box with a buddy of his.  I didn’t pay much attention to it because I felt that it would be to hard on my knees (tore both ACL’s).  I would dabble in this and that like P90X, yoga (still do a little), and mostly running.  Then I started really missing strength training.  It had been since high school football since I was on a strength training program, but I didn’t want to go pump myself at a globo gym.  So I turned to my friend and started researching Crossfit.  All it took was my intro test to hook me.  I am now addicted to Crossfit and feel like I am in the best shape of my life.  It has improved my running better than any running drills ever have.  I have gone from modifying almost every workout to RXing almost every workout in about 5-6 months.  It is amazing how much progress I have made in such a short time and I have Strongpoint to thank for that!  Its a testament to the amazing group of people at Strongpoint.  Thank you Ryan and the Strongpoint family for taking me in and pushing my body farther than its ever been pushed before.
1.  What is your favorite exercise or WOD?
All of them, Crossfit will point out your weaknesses and I like the challenge of turning your negatives into positives.
2.  What is your least favorite?
None, see above.
3.  What motivates you to show up and perform day after day?
The white board.  I want to improve each and every day and I love it when I can erase one record and put another one in its place.  I also like to see how everyone else does and to see their improvements as well.
4. What do you feel like holds you back in your training?
The only thing that ever holds you back is yourself.  Yes, the responsibilities of life can hold us back but you always have a choice.  If you don’t have time then wake up an hour earlier and so forth.
5.  What has been your most memorable moment in the box?
First muscle up.  It’s been a while since I said, “I did it!” like I was eight years old again.
6.  What has been your least favorite moment?
Injuries.  When I first started I had a little shoulder issue that went away with rest.  Now one of my knees is really aggravated from 13.2 which is forcing me to take some days off.  I don’t like being on the sideline watching and waiting, but sometimes that’s life.
7.  What is your favorite quote from the box?
“I do Crossfit at CSX” quote from a sober Petey Pearson.  If you are not familiar with this quote ask Petey to explain.
8.  Where do you want to take your training in the future?
I want to continue getting better in all aspects of Crossfit.  I want to really work on my Olympic lifts and get my cardio up to levels that I only dreamed of.  Competing in more Crossfit competitions is also something that I will aim for in the next year and beyond.  Thanks to the WLC, my wife Rachel and I want to continue staying Paleo (not as strict as WLC).  Lastly but most importantly, I want to continue to meet amazing people through Crossfit and Strongpoint!!
Coach’s Comments: Adam has become one of the most consistent members of the gym and his commitment has led to a seven-month string of regular personal records and achievements.  He has truly embraced the CrossFit lifestyle with his commitment to training and nutrition and routinely ranks toward the top of the gym’s CrossFit Open and Whole Life Challenge Leaderboards.  Additionally, Adam referred in his wife, Rachel, and she has become a superb member in her own right!  His work ethic and humility is an inspiration to the community and we look forward to seeing his progress with continued training in the coming year.  

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