Spotlight Athlete: Melanie Jacobs - Strongpoint CrossFit

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Spotlight Athlete: Melanie Jacobs

Spotlight Athlete: Melanie Jacobs

Growing up, I had either been in gymnastics or part of various team sports such as soccer.  I played soccer for my high school and then pick up games and intramural sports leagues in college.  Once I began working though there were not as many adult leagues or they didn’t fit with my schedule.  I then just signed up for a mainstream gym and tried running, but with both I got to a point where I got bored from the same routine workout each time.  I had a friend from running that got into CrossFit, but it sounded way out of my league to begin with.  They seemed to have fun with it though and as time went on they ended up building a CrossFit workout area on their overseas Army base.  It was seeing pictures of them putting that together and pictures of their workouts that got me seriously interested. I then started doing more research and began to think it was something I might like.  Then my cousin tried it and got into it.  I then figured if they can do it so can I, but was still intimidated.  I came across Strongpoint CrossFit just searching for local boxes near my house because I at least wanted to give it a try.  I went to an intro and from then on I have been hooked.

At this point I feel like I’m in better shape than I have been in many years and I have seen a lot of improvements in myself in the last 10 months since I joined.  I cannot wait to take it further, train harder, and participate in more competitions!  I really am thankful for Ryan and all the coaching staff for explaining things along the way and keeping me motivated!

1.   What is your favorite WOD or exercise?

My favorite WODs are Hero WODs and a close second is caveman days.  


2.   What is your least favorite WOD or exercise?

I don’t dislike many WODs but getting your shins scraped up and bruised on a box is not fun

3.   What motivates you to show up day-after-day?

The feeling at the end of the workout that you’ve accomplished something and you’ve done something good for your body in the process.  The thought of chasing the next personal record (PR) also helps!  

4.   What do you feel like holds you back in your training?

The feeling of I cannot do that or the feeling that I’m not completing a movement properly even when I may be doing it flawlessly.  This is particularly true when it comes to the weightlifting movements for me.

5.   What is your most memorable moment from Strongpoint?

It’s a toss-up between the day I climbed the rope for the first time and the day that I completed CrossFit total and baseline workout with all new PR’s!

6.   What is your least favorite moment?

I can’t think of a specific day or moment, but likely one of the early workouts where at the time I probably had the thought of “why am I doing this again?”

7.   What is your favorite quote from the gym?

My favorite quote would have to be from the day my coworker Aimee came for bring a friend day.  She told me in some choice words that, “She’d never sweat like that from a workout before”.

8.   Where do you want to take your training in the future?

I want to work on the skills that I had tough challenges with during the open this year so I can be better prepared for the next open.  So basically a lot more wall ball practice and then increasing weight on some of the Olympic lifts :)   I would also like to compete in some of the local competitions in town as well.   

Coach’s comments: Melanie came in for her introduction on a brutally hot day during the summer of 2012.  We talked for a while, ran the Baseline, and I was fairly certain that CrossFit was not really for her.  She looked pretty miserable after the workout!  But she did and here we are nearly a year later.  Not only did she just just rip through a full day of personal records on Baseline and CrossFit Total (Back Squat, Shoulder Press, and Deadlift), but she just completed the CrossFit Open!  That is not to say that she did not have some hard weeks and challenges.  Melanie persevered through some workouts, not just individual repetitions, but workouts that prescribed weight above her previous one-rep max!  Despite this, she never complained to me, never sent any “hate mail” or posted anything negative on the web, and most importantly, never quit trying!  The confidence she has gained since that experience is evident as she continues to move heavier loads and tackle more and more difficult workouts.  It is for these reasons that the coaching staff chose Melanie as the Spotlight Athlete for May and also as the Strongpoint CrossFit Spirit of the Games winner! 

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