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Thank you for supporting the inaugural Andrew Holmes Golf Outing on November 2, 2012.  Our event was wildly successful because of your kindness and generosity.  Again, we thank you for your generous support.  We look forward to working with you on our next Ago Vita event.

“I just want to thank all the coaches as Strongpoint. I just ran around my neighborhood (approx 3 miles) in the fastest I ever have done it. I had so much energy left over that I came back to my house and did 74 consecutive double unders (which is now my PR). It honestly feels awesome and I would recommend CrossFit to anyone.”
“Great box! When I moved to their area, I didn’t even unpack and I went to visit. Ryan and his team welcomed me with open arms and loud jungle calls (Laura). Gonna be moving to another area of town, but will return every now and then to visit my new friends!”

I started at Strongpoint about a year ago. I hadn’t worked out at any capacity for a long time and was unsure how I was going to do. After the first workout, I was addicted. Ryan along with the community of people at Strongpoint showed me what it was like to not only achieve great fitness, but have fun doing it. Strongpoint is more than just a crossfit gym. It is a community of people that know what it takes to achieve exceptional fitness goals. We encourage each other to WOD faster and lift heavier. I love Strongpoint and encourage anyone who is thinking about trying out crossfit to come to our box to see what it is all about!

As a distance runner I have always been worried about what the effects of weight lifting and cross training would have on me. So when I heard of crossFit I was skeptical. I was wrong to be skeptical! I feel better than ever I’ve ever felt and I owe it to Ryan and StrongPoint Crossfit. I was very fortunate to find Ryan Miller and StrongPoint Crossfit and have been training with them for almost a year. MY flexibility which was non-existent as a runner is starting to improve. Most of all I really look forward to getting up in the morning and training at Crossfit. I would never go anywhere else! Ryan is a talented coach who not only teaches proper technique but also plans the daily WODS so that you get a challenging workout and great results. The entire atmosphere at StrongPoint makes you want to keep coming back for more. I highly recommend StrongPoint and Ryan no matter what your fitness level is…he is great with beginners and advanced. Good people and sometimes its even fun!

CrossFit Testimonial by Jeanne in Mandarin

I was invited to “bring a friend day” at Strongpoint Crossfit back in August 2012 and I am so glad that I went. Before Crossfit, I ran 12-minute miles (yes I am a slow runner) and had a membership at World’s Gym. I never really liked going to gym because I did not know how to properly use any of the weights and no one was around to show me. I basically had a gym membership to do more cardio. I was maybe 15-20 lbs heavier than I needed to be and you would think all the cardio I did, my weight would fall off easier. Eight months into Crossfit, I have never felt better!!! Not only do I feel better, I look better (even at 43)! Yes, originally my plan with Crossfit was to lose weight, which I accomplished but I am stronger, leaner (loving that I can actually see muscles on me) and have also increased my endurance (now running 10.5 minute miles). Ryan Miller and his staff are very knowledgeable in technique, athletic performance and you can definitely tell they love coaching Crossfit. Strongpoint has very friendly staff with a positive atmosphere.

Before I joined Strongpoint in June 2012, I competed strictly in Olympic-style weightlifting for about four years. After about 10 months of CrossFitting regularly, I’ve found that not only have I become much more well-rounded as an athlete, but I’ve maintained the same numbers I was hitting regularly when all I did was weightlifting. My overall athletic potential has grown enormously to the extent that I now compete in both Weightlifting and CrossFit! Being a regular CrossFitter has helped me improve my diet and my mindset — I’ve become much more mindful of what I eat, and the mental toughness I’ve acquired is unsurpassed! Finally, the camaraderie and mutual support that we espouse at Strongpoint has allowed me to build numerous close friendships that make training so much fun! Thank you, Ryan and the rest of the coaching staff for creating such a positive, empowering experience!

It was almost a year ago that I felt the need to get back in the gym and do something for myself after a long absence of any consistent workout routine. Both my cousin and a friend were doing crossfit. I did research and was intimidated at first, but knew that Strongpoint was the closest box that would fit into my daily routine if I liked this style of workout. I signed up for a free intro and went, from then on I was hooked. I had gone to several “regular” gyms but it didn’t hold my interest, I got bored really quick. Crossfit offers variety and also offers all the pros of being part of a team and community which I missed from my days of soccer and other team sports I had done in the past. Ryan and the Strongpoint community have pushed me to be better than I thought I could be in the beginning! I’m so happy to have joined this box and wouldn’t go anywhere else!

My son and his high school football friends participated in the StrongPoint Crossfit Sports Performance Program.  The boys felt that they were better served by working out with Ryan at StrongPoint than with the standard football team workouts in the off-season.  The results speak for themselves.  In addition to increased strength and improved technique, the boys increased their aerobic capacity to the point that they lead the team in endurance drills.  A significant side effect of Ryan’s coaching is the improved confidence that comes from the completion of the challenging workouts and the tangible physical body composition results the boys enjoy.  I recommend this program for the development of any athlete, any sport.  Semper Fi!  Bert Costa

A great place to train; not only to look like you’re in shape but to actually be in the best shape of your life!!! I couldn’t ask for a better place for my 17 year old daughter to belong & love.. A great group of coaches.. Thank you…

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