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Laura from Mandarin

Laura from Mandarin

Before I joined Strongpoint in June 2012, I competed strictly in Olympic-style weightlifting for about four years. After about 10 months of CrossFitting regularly, I’ve found that not only have I become much more well-rounded as an athlete, but I’ve maintained the same numbers I was hitting regularly when all I did was weightlifting. My overall athletic potential has grown enormously to the extent that I now compete in both Weightlifting and CrossFit! Being a regular CrossFitter has helped me improve my diet and my mindset — I’ve become much more mindful of what I eat, and the mental toughness I’ve acquired is unsurpassed! Finally, the camaraderie and mutual support that we espouse at Strongpoint has allowed me to build numerous close friendships that make training so much fun! Thank you, Ryan and the rest of the coaching staff for creating such a positive, empowering experience!

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