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Mike from Ortega

Mike from Ortega

As a distance runner I have always been worried about what the effects of weight lifting and cross training would have on me. So when I heard of crossFit I was skeptical. I was wrong to be skeptical! I feel better than ever I’ve ever felt and I owe it to Ryan and StrongPoint Crossfit. I was very fortunate to find Ryan Miller and StrongPoint Crossfit and have been training with them for almost a year. MY flexibility which was non-existent as a runner is starting to improve. Most of all I really look forward to getting up in the morning and training at Crossfit. I would never go anywhere else! Ryan is a talented coach who not only teaches proper technique but also plans the daily WODS so that you get a challenging workout and great results. The entire atmosphere at StrongPoint makes you want to keep coming back for more. I highly recommend StrongPoint and Ryan no matter what your fitness level is…he is great with beginners and advanced. Good people and sometimes its even fun!

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