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Why Strongpoint CrossFit

Why choose Strongpoint CrossFit over a traditional globo gym, or a different CrossFit affiliate?

The following features are what set us apart from any other fitness facility, both CrossFit affiliates and otherwise.

Intro to CrossFit

The “No Sweat” Introduction & Initial Consult


The owner and head coach of the facility personally conducts the “No Sweat” Introduction to CrossFit with prospective members that are interested in exploring CrossFit and determining whether or not it is the right choice for their fitness goals.


We want to benchmark basic work capacity, identify strength imbalances and mobility restrictions right at the start so we can measure improvement over time. Objective, measureable data a key component of our program. Additionally, I want to get to know our members, understand where they want to take their fitness, and make sure that Strongpoint is the right vehicle to get them there. Strongpoint has been recognized as one of the top fitness facilities in the city and top veteran owned businesses multiple times by the Jacksonville Business Journal. I would feel entirely confident betting a paycheck that I am the only facility owner on that list that knows every single member of his gym by name, a little about their work and family life, and what their fitness goals are. That type of personalized attention can only be accomplished in a one-on-one environment. We also want to have a clear picture of a new member’s ability before we put them into their first group class. The introduction and consult provides us an opportunity to evaluate a prospective member’s current fitness level, determine strengths and weaknesses, and help make adequate decisions when prescribing workouts.

Benchmark Workouts


Diff2While we don’t repeat workouts often, we do complete certain benchmark lifts and workouts on purpose to track and measure progress over time.


Benchmarks are a relatively easy way to measure your progress and there are very few things more motivating than crushing your previous best on a benchmark workout or lift with a new personal record (PR). From the first introduction to the gym, our members complete their first benchmark workout with the “Baseline” assessment. We typically repeat that workout at least once a quarter to track and measure progress over time. If it took you 10 minutes to complete the Baseline at your intro and you do it in 8 minutes three months later, it’s easy to objectively say that you have become much fitter during that three-month span of training.

CrossFit Group Classes


Diff3We offer group classes six times a day Monday-Friday and three classes on Saturday. We also have ten hours of Open Gym periods throughout the week to come in and practice skills, make up a workout we did in class, or use all of our toys and space to do one of your own design!


We know you have a busy and hectic schedule and since we have several coaches and trainers, we have the ability to offer more classes than some other facilities.

But more than this, our morning coaches do not coach in the evenings and our evening coaches do not coach in the mornings. This means that you will not be coached by a tired, burnt out coach during the last class of the day that has been at the gym since the first class of the day. Our coaches work a manageable schedule so that they have plenty of energy to give to each member each and every class.

Many CrossFit gyms require an initial On Ramp, Elements, or Fundamentals class prior to joining the group classes. We do not for three basic reasons:

  1. We want to immerse people into our community as early in the process as possible. The community will welcome you in and help you along more than a single coach with a group of new joins could. As it stands, there are typically 1-2 new members in any given class at any given time, which is easily manageable by our coaches.
  2. Our instructors teach and drill the movements required for that day’s workout prior to turning the class loose to practice and then we routinely observe and provide feedback throughout the session. With the broad and expansive variety of movements that we use in our classes, we have found this is much more practical than trying to frontload everything into a handful of fundamentals classes prior to exposing members to program. In the event that there is not time in the class schedule to teach and practice every single movement prescribed that day, the coach will always provide a modified movement that will still give you the desired stimulus. We will always, always help you scale the workout to make sure it is appropriate for your current ability level.
  3. We prefer to make your experience with Strongpoint as cost-effective as possible. We bring in members one at a time. It would simply not be cost-effective at all for each new member to have to conduct individual-level training up front. That service is, however, available if someone does not feel adequately prepared for group classes right away and at least one coach is always available during Open Gym periods for extra help.

While some claim that moving new members into group classes right away will undoubtedly result in some disastrous injury, we have refined our method of indoctrinating new members and injuries among our new members are certainly the exception rather than the rule. Otherwise, we would never have any old members…

Specialty Programs


We do not just offer CrossFit classes. We offer both seasonal and ongoing specialty programs for members who are looking to work on their weaknesses, prepare for a specific event, or for members who just want to mix it up a bit.

Diff4We offer the following programs.

  • Personal Training
  • Group Classes
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • CrossFit Endurance
  • Indoor Rowing
  • Yoga Classes 
  • Open Gym


Our specialty programs help members tackle their weaknesses and they provide more options for experienced members who want to try something new or implement some additional programming.



Diff5There are many elements that go into making a world-class facility from the training components like having enough space and equipment to practical components like free parking and a well-organized, clean facility. Our facility has ample free parking, two clean and spacious restrooms, and all of the necessary equipment to help you get fit and stay fit for life.


Imagine having to fork out an extra five or ten dollars every time you park your car or having to park a kilometer away from the facility for a workout. This is the case for many gyms in more congested areas. Inconveniences like insufficient parking are enough to deter you from going to the gym at all. Things like having plenty of natural light and a big bay door might seem like small peanuts, but when they’re taken away, people notice. In short, everything runs more smoothly when things are convenient and organized. We have been around for three years and many of our coaches have been working in other fitness facilities for much longer. We have learned through trial and error what people need and want from their training facility and we routinely implement suggestions from the community to make it even better!

In-house Nutrition Program


Strongpoint offers the TakeDown Challenge three times per year, six and twelve week TakeDown Lifestyle programs on demand throughout the year.  These programs provide an individualized prescription, guidance, and coaching to help you attain your body composition goals in the fastest possible manner.


While we had the exercise piece of our program nailed pretty early on, we found that more and more clients were asking for more help with nutrition than we could really provide.  We became a Balanced Habits partner gym in early 2015 to implement their TakeDown programs and provide our members with a little extra help on the nutrition side.  We have put dozens of people through our TakeDown Challenges and/or TakeDown Lifestyle program and have helped our members and non-members of the gym attain some pretty amazing results!  See our event page for testimonials, but suffice it to say, the program works!  We are currently the only CrossFit gym in Jacksonville that offers the TakeDown Challenge and TakeDown Lifestyle.

In-house Body Composition Testing


Strongpoint CrossFit offers body composition testing via the Inbody 230 to all new members and makes ongoing testing available for members and non-members alike.


We want to know exactly what you’re made of!  Scale weight is really insufficient to determine if your body composition is improving.  At times, clients whose primary goal was weight loss were not happy unless that number on the scale was going down… We found that many of our members were reporting that the weight on the scale was not changing much, but that they could see more muscle tone and that their clothes were fitting much better.  Simply put, a pound of fat is much larger and less dense than a pound of muscle.  Thus if you are putting on some lean body mass and losing fat, you are going to look more toned and clothes are going to fit better, but the number on the scale may not change as dramatically as one may hope.  That’s why it’s so important to track composition.  We can tell exactly where weight is gained or lost in terms of lean body mass and fat mass as well as breaking it down limb-by-limb.  Our Inbody 230 system gives us the exact tool we need for precision in measuring.  We are the only CrossFit gym in Jacksonville offering this service.




Strongpoint CrossFit utilizes the state-of-the-art performance tracking system Wodify to benchmark and track progress.


Funny story… I once had a client accuse me of being “obsessed with the numbers.”  Initially I shrugged and said, “No I’m not.”  Then I thought about it and realized that, in fact, I am obsessed with the numbers!  Our job as CrossFit coaches is to help our members get fitter and stronger.  It’s really simple… if we have you do a workout on your first day and then repeat that workout three months later, we can compare the numbers and determine if you’re getting better or worse.  By quantifying workouts with numbers, whether they are times, weight, rounds, or repetitions, then we can objectively track progress over time.  Ultimately the “numbers” that I obsess over are your fitness and it’s my mission to make sure those numbers get better over time.  Wodify has truly revolutionized our ability to track and measure our members’ performances.  We are one of the few gyms in Jacksonville currently offering Wodify and it is included in our memberships at no extra cost.

Community Events


Diff6The strength in our CrossFit lies in our community. From holiday parties and Halloween costume contests to fitness competitions and adventure races, our members are part of something bigger than a bunch of people slinging around weights in a warehouse. Your CrossFit community becomes like a second family.


Fitness is something that should make your life better. It is not something that you should dread doing. We want our classes to be the best hour of your day. We believe it’s important to be well-rounded people who know how to let loose and socialize with friends. We have learned that members who are engaged in the community are more likely to want to show up to the gym to work out because they show up not just to train, but to see friends that they enjoy spending time with.

Range of Motion Workout of the Day (ROMWOD)


ROMWOD is a subscription-based website that provides daily mobility enhancement routines designed to increase range of motion, optimize athletic performance, and promote healing, recovery, and longevity. The program was designed by CrossFitters to address the number one limiting factor in many athletes: their range of motion! Increased range of motion leads to better positions, which leads to increased power and efficiency as well as decreasing the risk of injury. By strengthening the ligaments and fascia, you create longevity in your joints and tissues. Recovery is also maximized through the natural release of toxins, which is intentionally stimulated through ROMWOD programming. We conduct our ROMWODs before and after classes several times each day as a free service to our members to improve not only their range of motion, but overall quality of life.


Range of motion limitations are not just an issue that is present inside the gym. They can limit everyone whether they are trying to get into a better position in their squat, working in the house or yard, or simply playing with their children. All of these things can be enhanced through regular participation in our ROMWOD program.