Strongpoint CrossFit – CrossFit

Warm Up and Mobility

Three minutes cardio

Hip activation: 12-10-8 Tube Walk

Two rounds:

5 Ring Beat Swings

7 Front Squats

Smash Party, Oly Wall


Back Squat (15 minutes to build to a heavy triple)

DS: 3@95%, 3@90%


Metcon (Time)


Ring Muscle Up

Front Squat (155/105)

Accessory Work

Two-Pause Deadlift (Build to a heavy triple)

Pause at knee 3 seconds and mid-thigh 3 seconds
DS: 2×3@90% (no pause)

Shoulder Press (Build to a heavy single)

DS: 3@90%, 3+@85%

Band Pull Through (3×15)

Note band size

Extra Credit

Metcon (Distance)

8 rounds:

1 min easy run

1 min hard run

10 rounds:

:15 hard run

:45 easy run

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