Strongpoint CrossFit – CrossFit

Warm Up and Mobility

Three minutes cardio

Three rounds:

5 Jumping Back Squats

5 Arch/Hollow

10 Walking Lunges

Smash Party, Squat Holds


Back Squat (Five sets to build to a three-rep max)

Target 5-10# increase from last week.


Metcon (Time)


Target Burpee (6″ Target)

Chest to Bar Pull Up

Dumbbell Hang Squat Clean (35/25)

Accessory Work

Shoulder Complex: 1 Shoulder Press + 2 Push Press + 3 Push Jerk (4×1@50% of CJ Max)

Target 5-10# increase from last week.

Overhead Lunge (3×12 steps)

Target 5-10# increase from last week.

Seated Box Jump (3×5)

Start on a bench
SS with DB Box Jump

Dumbbell Box Jump (3×5)

SS with seated BJ

Bar Muscle-ups (3 max sets on a 3 minute interval)

Extra Credit

Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Five rounds:

20 Cal Assault Bike
Rest 90 Seconds between efforts.

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